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Welcome To The Mama Tee Blog: Cucumber Tomato Salad By Van Truong

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Our first blog post is here! We hope that you'll enjoy the awesome content that we plan to share with you! Learn more about the Mama-Tee brand including important updates about our community fridge project, our apparel brand and much more. Are you a writer? Got a great story to tell? Email us at you could be featured! Now, let's kick things off with a cozy recipe from our friend Van Truong.

Did you miss today's video on IG? Check it out: We're taking the Cucumber Tomato Salad up a notch.

If you have 15 minutes: This crunchy Cucumber Tomato Salad recipe can help brighten up your mood. The smell of fresh cut onions can slap you right in the face… but they are honestly a worthy addition to this salad! The lemon juice in the dressing will cut the astringency of the onions so they will have a lighter flavor. They really do add something special to this dish so give this recipe a try! You can substitute dried onion flakes to give a similar hint of flavor if onions are on your banned list.

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