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.f4bc01c98b Category:Audio softwareMana (2010) Contents Plot Jared and Emelia have been living in America for several months. They both have problems at home. Jared has come to see how his brother, Jesse is doing after Jesse was taken to the hospital. They went to see Jesse and, while there, found out that Jesse's Mom had died. On the way back, Jared's car breaks down, and he goes to a random house to ask for help, because Emelia does not have the money to fix the car. He knocks on the door and hears a baby crying, and knocks again. Someone calls for help. The house turns out to be a cult where a woman named Kacie is trying to raise her daughter, who is named Seven. She is initially very cruel to Jared, because he does not have money. She is also cold to Emelia. She orders Jared to leave, and Kacie leaves the cult. Emelia is still waiting for a ride to pick her up, and while waiting, she meets two men who tell her that there is a way to get free. The men tell her they are believers of Seven. The two men tell Emelia that she will know Seven when they get to the kingdom. They start walking to the kingdom and end up following a road that leads to the middle of nowhere, which is very desolate and dark. Jared and Emelia walk for a long time and then finally find the Kingdom of Seven and they meet Seven's mother, Seven's "guardian", and Seven herself. Jared and Emelia are asked to leave. Emelia follows Seven to an unknown room and sees an opening in the wall and finds Seven's brother, who is chained up to the wall and Seven is standing in front of him. She speaks to the Brother and says that the Brother is her friend, and Emelia brings her some food. The brother asks about her father, and Emelia says that he is dead. The brother leaves and comes back with another one, who is called Little Brother. They are both chained up, and Emelia notices that Little Brother is crying. He asks if she is Seven's sister. Emelia says yes and they hug. Jared comes in and tells them to eat because he is hungry. Jared wants to go home, but Emelia says they need to stay because they need money to go home. Jared

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