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Second Language Learning

What are the benefit of learning a second language?

Ok, I've been learning chinese mandarin at school for a while, but it's only started getting serious for the past few years. before that we just went over colours, numbers, family etc.This year I'm finding it a bit daunting as I'm the only " non asian" or native English speaker in my class. I'm just trying to reassure myself that I've made the right choice to choose it. I'm 16, and live in Australia. benefits


Should I study second language?

I am struggling with my English skills, so I should concentrate on studying English than studying other language? Even I study other language, it would take very long time to be native at it. It would be impossible to catch up with native speakers. For career, it is better to study like Engineering, business books in English lather than studying other language? It is way better knowing about engineering than having second language?

Why do Anglos struggle so much to learn Spanish or any other second language?

Can you be pre-disposed to a second language?

Without having it around you? Like it just comes more naturally to you and you can understand? If this makes any sense lol? Thanks.or third, or fourth, or...any language I guess... haha.

How to teach the 6 W Words to a person who is learning English as a second language?

The five W words What, Which, When, Why, Where, and How. My Mom is works for homework answers website and a tutoring a man from Sudan. My Mom is wondering how to teach him the 6 W words, in a way so that the he can learn what these words mean so he can ask questions and sentences the correct way so others can understand him better.He is a visual learner. He is only been in Canada for about a year and a half.

Second Language forever?

I've made a lot of efforts to strip off my mother tongue from my brain, for the out of no where hatred to it. Don't ask why..out of the topic. Yet, I feel it's such a struggling process to fully master a second language to the extend that you feel like speaking your mother tongue esp. when you aren't in a place where it's widely spoken.Does anyone have ever achieve that...? Learn it well is surely difficult...but according to history homework help experts and my experience, for language acquisition, to get rid of your mother tongue is even harder...Do you guys think have the same experience?Can you guys share a bit..?

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